To report a power outage,
call (800) 987-CEMC (2362) or login to SmartHub®

Outage FAQs

Helpful information about outages and how CEMC restores your power.

First, check your circuit breakers or fuses to see if they have tripped. If you don’t find any problems, report the outage via the SmartHub® mobile app or by calling 800-987-2362.

Our Control Center is staffed 24/7, but sometimes call volume makes it impossible to speak with everyone. CEMC uses an automated system to process more calls and get power restored quicker. When you call 800-987-2362, you will need to enter your CEMC account number, meter number or the phone number associated with your account for the system to recognize your location. CEMC’s outage management system will then notify crews and we will work to restore the power as quickly as possible. 

It starts with the outage being reported. Once reported, a crew is dispatched immediately. The crew then must travel to the area and assess the damage. This involves riding out many miles of powerlines to determine what has caused the outage. Once the cause of the outage is found, the crew will work to restore power as quickly as possible, keeping the safety of themselves and the public a top priority. During extensive outages, restoration efforts may be slowed. View a short video that explains how CEMC restores power.

Unfortunately, CEMC cannot guarantee power 24/7. However, if you have a medical necessity that requires electricity 24/7 we’d like to know so we can flag your account. Call us at 800-987-2362 or use the Live Chat below (7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.) to discuss your account. Remember, if your life depends on electricity, be sure to have an emergency back-up plan in place in case of an outage. 

Outages can be caused by a variety of things. Weather-related causes are the most common such as: high winds, tornadoes, lightning, heavy rain, flooding and ice and snow. However, even when the weather is nice power interruptions can occur. Falling trees, vehicle accidents and animals coming in contact with electric equipment frequently cause power outages. 

CEMC is alerted when a main transmission line, substation or circuit has been damaged. However, if it’s an isolated incident, you may need to report it. Always play it safe and report your outage via the SmartHub® mobile app or by calling 800-987-2362