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Start Service

Welcome to Cumberland Electric Membership Corporation. Our friendly and knowledgeable member service representatives are available to assist you in applying for service over the phone or in person at one of our district offices. You can also sign up for service through our SmartHub® mobile app.

Add Services

You can now add Cumberland Connect Internet, phone and video services to your existing CEMC account. To add service, please call (800) 987-CEMC (2362) or use your SmartHub® mobile app.

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Stop/Transfer Service

For your convenience, CEMC has one number to serve all your needs, including power outages and service requests. To establish new service, stop or transfer existing service, please call (800) 987-CEMC (2362) or find a local CEMC office near you.

Service FAQs

Helpful information about CEMC electric service.

In order to apply for service with CEMC, you will need the following:  

One photo ID (or two forms of non-photo ID) 

Driver’s License, Passport, Military ID, Visa, Social Security Card, etc. When establishing service by phone, your social security number may be used to verify ID. 

Right to Occupy documentation 

Lease/rental agreement, HUD settlement papers, signed purchase contract, deed (Property ownership verification may be available via TN Property Data website) 

Membership fee 

If you are not currently a member with CEMC, a membership fee will be required in order to join the electric co-op. 

Service charge – meter set fee 

A one-time meter set fee is required on all connecting accounts. This is a non-refundable fee collected in advance of the service being setup. 

Security deposit 

A security deposit of twice the average bill for a location (or $250 for new structures) is required. New applicants for service may elect to have a credit check run to determine eligibility for a deposit waiver. 

Date to begin service 

CEMC guarantees next business day service at no additional cost. Services that have been inactive for at least 12 months will require proof of an electrical safety inspection prior to being reconnected. 

See CEMC fee and service charges below.

Whether you must pay a deposit depends on: 

  • Your payment record, if you have previously had service with CEMC. 
  • Your credit check, if you have not previously had service with us. CEMC uses Online Credit Exchange to provide a credit evaluation unique to utilities, the deposit decision is based on the risk evaluation. It is a “soft” inquiry and does not affect your credit score. 
  • The amount will be two times the average bill at the location or $250 dollars if there is no billing history at the location. 
  • May be paid over the phone with credit/debit card 
  • May be paid in the district office with cash, money order or check payable to CEMC, or credit/debit card. 

Refund of deposit: On residential services, the security deposit is refunded after 36 months with no late payments or at the end of service with CEMC. On commercial and industrial services, the security deposit is held until the account is closed. 

If I move do I have to pay another deposit? We will transfer your deposit to your new location provided service can be disconnected within 3 days at the former location. Past due balances must be paid upon transfer. 

A service charge is required to set up your account. A membership fee, regardless of the number of meters, will be required of everyone receiving service from CEMC. The fee is refunded when the individual no longer has service with CEMC. See fee and service charge amounts below.

See fee and service charge amounts below.

When a mobile home is on the location requesting service, call 800-987-2362 to make an appointment with one of our engineers. See fee and service charge amounts below.

The installation and maintenance of various types of security lighting is available for a monthly rental fee. Learn more about security lighting