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EnergyRight Home Energy and Loan Program

CEMC and TVA are excited to offer homeowners a simple way to make existing homes as energy efficient as possible. Request a Home Energy Evaluation, install efficiency upgrades and receive rebates and financing for the work you’ve had done. Learn more and register at TVA EnergyRight. In cooperation with the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), low-interest loans are available to consumers who qualify.

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EnergyRight New Homes Program

This program offers assistance to builders in the planning of energy efficient new homes. Cash incentives are paid for homes built to program standards utilizing electric efficient space/water heating and electric vehicle connectivity. For more information, please contact your CEMC Energy Programs Inspector.

Joe Woodard
Energy Programs Inspector

High Energy Investigations

CEMC can help discover the cause for high bills. If your home appears to be consuming higher kWh than normal, there could be an issue with HVAC, water heaters or other culprits, and we can help. For more information call 800-987-CEMC(2362) or utilize our online energy advisor.

Green Power

CEMC, in cooperation with TVA, offers and administers renewable energy programs for its members. The “green” refers to renewability. It is power generated by renewable resources like wind, solar, biomass, or low-impact hydro. Whether you are interested in installing renewable generation at your home or simply contributing to renewable energy, there is a program for you. For more information, please visit or contact your CEMC Energy Consultant.

TVA also offers a Virtual Solar Education site that provides information about solar generation, metering requirements, and current TVA Green solar programs. 

Chad Corlew
Energy Consultant

More Energy Tips

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