CEMC's Vegetation Management crews rotate across a five-county system maintaining over 8,000 miles of lines.  We strive to execute a complete maintenance rotation every five years. National Electric Safety Code (NESC) and Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) regulations require electric utilities to clear vegetation from power lines as a safety measure for our crews and our members.
We Maintain the Right-of-Way by
+ Tree Trimming
+ Tree Removal
+ Herbicide Management
Frequently Asked Questions
+ Why does CEMC have to clear 20 feet on both sides of its right of way?
+ Can members prune their own trees?
+ Does CEMC clean up after trimming trees in the right of way?
+ Does CEMC clean up trees after a storm?
+ How will members be notified of vegetation management in their area?
+ Can CEMC legally trim trees?
+ Does CEMC manage vegetation near un-energized structures?
+ Do you have any location recommendations for planting trees?
Trees planted today are an investment in the future. With a little research and a simple layout, you can produce a landscape that will cool your home in summer and tame the winter winds. This CHART should help you properly plant your tree to avoid collisions with power lines.

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Manager of District Operations &
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Supervisor of Right-of-Way
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Chad Dunning
Right-of-Way Assistant
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