Six ways to cool off a hot room

With summer temperatures approaching, there are simple ways that you can keep your home cool without increasing your energy bills. Here are six tips to stay cool…

  1. Keep heat and sunlight out of indoor rooms during the day by closing windows and window coverings.
  2. Open those same windows overnight to let cool, nighttime air into your house.
  3. If some windows are naturally shaded by trees or shadows, open them during the day. Opening more than one can create a cross-breeze that will quickly cool off the house.
  4. Switch the direction of ceiling fan blades. In the summer, blades should spin counterclockwise to push cool air down into the room. Turn the fans off when nobody is in the room.
  5. Add an energy-efficient portable dehumidifier to a room that tends to be too warm. Humidity can make a hot room feel even hotter. Removing the humidity makes the room feel cooler.
  6. Use the microwave or outdoor grill to cook dinner. Heat-producing indoor appliances like the stove, dishwasher and clothes dryer lose a lot of heat to the air in the room. Wait until after dark when it’s cooler outdoors to turn on appliances.