Practice electrical safety during harvest and hunting seasons

Harvest and Dove Hunting Safety

September means that farmers all over our area are harvesting corn and other crops. It also signals the beginning of dove season in Tennessee.

“Look Up and Look Out” During Harvest Season

Every year, we see collisions where tractors and other farming equipment accidentally collide with utility poles and power lines, causing injuries and power outages. These dangerous accidents can be avoided by looking up and around your surroundings when operating large farm machinery. If you’re preparing for harvest season, please keep the following safety tips in mind:

  • Maintain a 10-foot clearance around all utility equipment in all directions.
  • Use a spotter and deployed flags to maintain safe distances from power lines and other electrical equipment when working in the field.
  • If your equipment makes contact with an energized or downed power line, contact 9-1-1 immediately and remain inside the vehicle until the power line is de-energized. In case of smoke or fire, exit the cab by making a solid jump out of the cab (without touching it), and hop away to safety.
  • Consider equipment and cargo extensions of your vehicle. Lumber, hay, tree limbs, irrigation pipes and even bulk materials can conduct electricity, so keep them out of contact with electrical equipment.

It is very important that all farm workers and seasonal employees are informed of electrical hazards and trained in proper procedures to avoid injury.

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Avoid Electrical and Fiber Lines While Dove Hunting

September also marks the beginning of dove season in Tennessee. And, we want to remind members to please be mindful and avoid the fiber and electric lines while hunting. Doves are especially attracted to power lines because they like to have a good view of corn, wheat and other crops in fields below.

Shooting at power lines is always a bad idea. Projectiles from gunfire can damage a power or fiber line, costing thousands of dollars in damage and leaving businesses and homes without power, internet or phone service.

Keep these tips in mind when hunting this season:

  • Keep clear of electrical & fiber equipment
  • Do not shoot at or near power lines
  • Know where power lines are located where you hunt
  • Be vigilant in areas where lines are less visible
  • Never place deer stands on utility poles
  • Never place decoys on power lines or equipment

We appreciate your efforts to avoid any electrical and fiber lines this season.