Why tree trimming is important to CEMC

  We can all recognize the benefits trees add to our communities. Not only do they provide beauty to our landscapes, they also help clear pollutants from the air, provide shade from the sun and provide homes for birds and other wildlife. However, these same trees can be a major challenge for CEMC.

Trees and/or limbs that fall or come into contact with power lines is one of the most common causes of power outages. Many outages are directly caused by trees that have either grown up into power lines, or by trees that have been planted too close to power lines. Not only can they cause power outages, trees that come into contact with electrical lines also have the potential to become energized, therefore posing a dangerous safety hazard.

CEMC is committed to provide safe, reliable and affordable energy. That is why we have established a strong and proactive Right-of-Way maintenance program that strives to maintain a 40-foot clearance between trees and a conductor.

CEMC uses certified tree trimmers to trim limbs away from lines, remove brush growing under the lines and remove any trees posing to threats to our lines.

You can help by reporting areas where trees have grown into the lines or are causing other hazards. CEMC personnel will evaluate the situation to determine if immediate action is necessary, or if it can be worked into the regular maintenance schedule. To report trees in or near lines call 800-987-2362

To avoid a potentially dangerous situation, please leave tree trimming to the professionals!

Avoid the big green box

Please stay away from pad-mounted transformers (the big green box). While safe, they are not meant for touching, climbing or playing. Pad-mounted transformers carry high voltages of electricity that serve many homes in our communities.