Outage Alert!

That vibration or ring tone from your mobile phone could be a text message from CEMC indicating that your power is out and crews are on the way!

Unfortunately power outages are a part of life and occur for various reasons such as weather conditions, vehicle accidents, downed tree limbs and more. While CEMC makes every effort to restore your power safely and efficiently we also want to keep our members informed during outages! Get notified by CEMC when the power is out at your home by signing up for our Outage Alert Service!

Click here for a list of FAQ about Outage Alert!

Signup/ Login For Outage Alert!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there fees for this service?
There are no charges for this service, although messaging and data rates apply based on your mobile carrier plan.

Will CEMC share my mobile number with anyone or use it to text me for other reasons?
We will not share your mobile number with anyone. CEMC will only use your mobile number to communicate outage related information with you concerning your home or area.

What type of text messages will I receive?
You will receive one of the following types of messages:

  1. 1. An outage is predicted in your area either by our Outage Management System, by another customer in your area, or by you.
  2. 2. The outage affecting your service is confirmed and crews are on site.
  3. 3. The outage affecting your service has been restored.
  4. 4. Previously predicted outages did not affect your service.

How many family members can sign up for this account?
There is no limit to how many mobile numbers can be added to one account.

Can I use my mobile number on another account?
Absolutely, if you are a caregiver to someone who does not reside at your residence Outage Alert is a great way to get notified when they are having a power outage.

What if I change either my mobile phone number or carrier?
Simply login with your account number above and edit/ delete your mobile number or carrier.

What if my address changes?
Login with your new account number above and add your mobile number.

How do I unsubscribe from this service?
Login with your account number above and delete your mobile number.