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CEMC pays $3.9 million in property taxes

For the year 2014, Cumberland Electric Membership Corporation paid a total of $3.9 million in ad valorem, or property, taxes to local governments. This was a total increase of 6.06 percent over the cooperative’s tax bill for 2013. The payments represent taxes on CEMC’s investment in power lines, buildings, substations and other items necessary to distribute electricity to the co-op’s membership.

Within the CEMC service areas, all but four communities received more taxes from the co-op than the previous year.

Local governments use these tax dollars for a variety of purposes, including education, road improvements and public safety, all of which strengthen and improve the areas where we live. 

New energy-efficiency program

CEMC and the Tennessee Valley Authority are offering homeowners a new program to make it easier than ever to become more energy-efficient. This program, called eScore, provides members with a clear path to make their home a 10 — the highest energy-efficiency designation.

Participation in eScore gives members access to rebates on qualified energy upgrades for their homes — saving them money and increasing their homes’ comfort while allowing them to work toward scores of 10 at their own pace. More information

CEMC Member Falls Victim to Scam

CEMC has been made aware that there is a phone scam in our service area, whereby a request is made for immediate payment by credit card in order to avoid being disconnected. 

CEMC does not call members demanding payment over the phone. Members who have doubts about the legitimacy of a call should contact CEMC directly at 1-800-987-2362, even if the number displayed on their phone is CEMC’s phone number.

CEMC donates electric go cart so students can gain hands-on experience building and understanding electronic and mechanical principles.

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